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WFABBA data via FTP

The most recent 7 days worth of data are available via ftp at

Login with user name anonymous and an e-mail address as the password.
The directory structure is satellite/product-type/date/file. The satellites are a global constellation of geostationary satellites. The products include text files that provide information on fire locations and metadata, mask products that give a fire or non-fire code for every pixel location in the image, and netCDF files that integrate both text and mask data. Some products are available with and without a temporal filter, where the filtering requires at least 2 observations of a fire within .1 degrees lat/lon in an effort to remove short lived detections - which are prone to false detections.

For more product information, README files are available.

For more advanced data acquisition requests, please contact Chris Schmidt.

Data can be accessed operationally at NOAA/NESDIS.