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Mask legend
Processed region (no fire found) Non-processed region
Processed fires (or MODIS fire) Satellite zenith angle and solar zenith angle block-out zones
Saturated fire Bad input data
Cloud contaminated fire Cloud (or other cold and/or bright surface)
High probability fire Invalid ecosystem type
Medium probability fire Sea water, coastline fringe, inland water, and other land/water mix
Low probability fire Error code in processing
fire pixels have been enlarged to enhance visibility

* The results from the WFABBA are typically available within 90 minutes of the satellite scan time. Although CIMSS is a research facility, efforts are made to post data in a timely manner. WF_ABBA is also an operational product at NOAA/NESDIS.

* MODIS - FIRMS fire masks represent MODIS-Aqua and MODIS-Terra fire coverage for the given hour, data latency may exceed 90 minutes. These fires were not detected with the WFABBA technique, but rather the MODIS-FIRMS technique. More information is available here and here

* Users requiring advanced access to real-time or archive application can send data requests to Chris Schmidt